Fall in love with the specific field

I attended the MSc program without coming from the field, in order to be better, more educated in my work and also because the oil and gas field was always something fascinating for me. After having completed a semester, the things that …


Professors take the career success of student to heart

My decision to join MSc in Oil and Gas Technology at International Hellenic University was made carefully made on the premise of how dynamic, unique and comprehensive the programme is. Having a blend of business and engineering delivered by highly sort industry …


MSc Program academic timetable was not effected during this period

I Engr. Ngofa Oluka, an MSc (Student) in Oil and Gas Technology at International Hellenic University, Kavala, Greece, and a graduate Holder B.Engr. in Oil and Gas Engineering would love to personally appreciate the diligent effort of the Management of International Hellenic …


This remarkable program gives you all the essential skills to achieve your objectives

After the completion of my Bachelor degree, I was looking for an MSc program which can combine management and Oil & Gas Engineering courses. This remarkable program gives you all the essential skills to achieve your objectives through high-quality courses that the …


The curriculum is so rich in content, it more than meet my expectations

I am working with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), which is the regulatory agency of oil and gas in Nigeria. My interest in MSc Oil & Gas Technology stemmed from my job; it requires a lot of skills to be a …


Suitable for either young students or experienced professionals

As a young student graduating from a Petroleum Engineering related University, your first initiative would be to search for a suitable MSc program to expand your horizons and options in this specific society. Through my experience during my studies in the MSc …


We stay strong!

We live a very strange and unprecedented situation due to the pandemic of COVID-19. As we see the spread of this virus all around the world we are very concerned about the consequences of this in our lives. Not only in our …


The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

As a Chemical Engineer, I wanted a master’s degree that will enable me to climb the corporate ladder, develop managerial skills, understand business, fast-track my career, and experience personality development in the oil and gas Industry. The International Hellenic University’s MSc in …


Covid-19 will not prevent us from reaching our goals

When I decided to start this MSc program in Oil and Gas Technology of International Hellenic University in Kavala, for sure nobody could ever imagine that a pandemia, called Covid-19 or Coronavirus, would suddenly appear trying to cause changes and challenges to …


It is no doubt that IHU cherishes and ensures the safety of its international students

In the face of an unprecedented situation of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic outbreak, which has enormously challenged the world globally with its great impact. I will say that, the MSc in Oil and Gas Technology program at International Hellenic University is …


Not even COVID-19

While the world faces a difficult time that had almost brought every system to a stop including institutions of learning, the MSc in Oil and Gas Technology of the International Hellenic University gave the COVID-19 its first defeat by being resilient and …


I feel satisfied, full with experiences and knowledge

When I started considering starting an MSc program it was right at the start of the pandemic. We had no idea what we were dealing with or what future was lying ahead of us. When I got accepted I was eager to …

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