Here at IHU we believe that facilities play an important role in the development of the Institute excellence on both teaching and research. We have been granted €20,000,000 for high-tech instrumentation that will bring IHU at the cutting edge of research and innovation. This policy action, together with our prestigious Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review (JESTR – cited at Scopus) shows our determination to serve at the highest possible level our students, the industry, and the scientific community we belong.

Our MSc in Oil and Gas Technology students will have a unique opportunity to be trained in a number of very expensive instruments that are recognized in Industry and Science as leading techniques in the study of porous media; the heart of an oil and gas reservoir. It is almost impossible in any place in the world for an MSc student to have the chance to gain work experience with all these instruments; one reason being that in large Universities such instruments are heavily loaded, leaving very little room for new scientists to use them.

At IHU, our philosophy for the facility usage is a research open lab-ware system (ROLware) where 24/7 access is provided to potential users. All you need is to choose the lab you like to practice on and then to arrange an appointment with our technicians for a training course. After that you may book the instrument for a period of time and work on your own project.

Among many instruments, equipment, and lab systems we collect the following groups:


Scientific equipment

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